Hi, Iā€™m Lisa Jamieson - a Real Estate Broker in the San Francisco Bay Area. I enjoy working with my clients, friends and referrals, to help them make good decisions.  I value my clients and their trust in me. 

I have a Bachelor's degree in Business and Finance from CSEB. I spent my early career years in client relationship, sales and territory management, transitioned to Real Estate in 2014, received my Broker's license and started my company Parcel Real Estate in 2018. I've also received my Mortgage Loan Broker's license in order to better serve my clients and their needs. I am committed to improving my knowledge base, continuing my eduction and learning from every experience to best help my clients. 

I am an Oakland resident and I am passionate about my community. I coach Crossfit classes at Pacific Strength, train to be a competitive athlete and work to develop my coaching and eduction. I am dedicated to health, well-being, fitness, nutrition and mentoring. I like to learn new styles of dance, take spin classes, try new restaurants, do home cooking & baking, and travel.