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Home ownership provides financial and emotional security, it's the ultimate investment, a platform for wealth, a pathway to future goals, a beacon of pride, a place for friends and family and an expression of you.

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Lisa Jamieson

Services Offered

As a realtor for both buyers and sellers, I offer a full service experience. Everything that you will need to know and coordinate is included.

Buying a house?

As your realtor, I will:

  • Help you understand the housing market

  • Answer any and all questions about buying a house

  • Provide guidance on property selection

  • Assist in selecting a lender

  • Help you understand the competitive marketplace

  • Offer guidance on the offer price and terms

  • Negotiate purchase terms on your behalf

  • Explain reports and disclosures

  • Handle all required paperwork

  • Schedule inspections

  • Coordinate with Title & Escrow

Selling your house?

As your realtor, I will:

  • Help you understand the local housing market

  • Help you determine a sales price

  • Help you with market timing & competition

  • Answer any and all questions

  • Coordinate service people and inspections

  • Assist with photography and staging

  • Facilitate the completion of disclosures and prepare for distribution

  • Create an MLS listing for your home

  • Create property marketing material

  • Promote on social media

  • Create a property website

  • Provide a for sale sign and lock box on home

  • Coordinate showings

  • Act as Point of Contact for all inquiries

  • Hold open houses

  • Hold Brokers’ Tour for agents

  • Answer all buyers agents’ questions

  • Promote property to greatest number of prospective buyers

  • Present comparable sales to interested parties

  • Present you with all offers

  • Help you understand offers

  • Help you negotiate for the highest offer with the best terms

  • Assist you with closing paperwork

  • Coordinate with title and escrow companies

  • Work with your lender, if applicable


About Me

Hi, I’m Lisa Jamieson - a Real Estate & Mortgage Broker in the San Francisco Bay Area. I enjoy working with my clients, friends and referrals, to help them make good decisions.  I value my clients and their trust in me. 

I have a Bachelor's degree in Business and Finance from CSUEB. I spent my early career years in client relationship, sales and territory management, transitioned to Real Estate in 2014, received my Broker's license and started my company Parcel Real Estate in 2018, became a Mortgage Broker in 2018 and work with C2 Financial to better serve my clients and meet their needs.

I am committed to improving my knowledge base, continuing my education and learning from every experience to best help my clients. 

I am an Oakland resident and I am passionate about my community. I coach Crossfit classes at Pacific Strength, train to be a competitive athlete and work to develop my coaching and education. I am dedicated to health, well-being, fitness, nutrition and mentoring. I like to learn new styles of dance, take spin classes, try new restaurants, do home cooking & baking, and travel.



Lisa is a true treasure and I am so happy she was there to guide our naive selves through our very first home purchase. She is incredibly knowledgeable about home buying, and as important as that is, she is also equally educated on the areas we were looking at for a home. It is so important to have someone who understands the different neighborhoods, while also being honest and realistic with you. Lisa will not lead you down a road that is not for you because she really takes the time to understand your needs, and goes beyond that to imagine you in the different homes you look at. I'm so glad we had Lisa's support in finding the perfect place for us. It is crazy times in the Bay Area in terms of housing, and I'm so grateful that we had Lisa's full support through finding such an amazing place that suited our needs.

— Sarah Vanphravong

Lisa was amazing. The home buying process can be stressful. But Lisa made it fun while at the same time educating me at each step. She was able to keep my expectations aligned with my budget (not easy in this market!). And she took the time to research each and every property we looked at, all the way down to the reports. When it came to offers she was professional with the selling agents. And when it came to closing on my sweet little, fully renovated, craftsman house in Oakland, she went above and beyond working with the finance company and escrow to close the deal.

I absolutely recommend Lisa to be your realtor.

— Janelle Smith, Attorney

Working with Lisa Jamieson exceeded any of my expectations. As a first time homebuyer, I was not familiar with the terminology or the best process people to involve. Right away Lisa was incredibly friendly she makes me understand the all process to determine what would be a good fit for me like HOA. She even recommended a lending agent in the area, which we ended up using and greatly appreciated. Lisa was willing to meet me any time when ask her to view the condo and put together the offer letter within a couple of hours. She was very helpful in explaining the entire process and really relieved my stress level even though I was on a very tight timeframe. I truly believe her expertise helped tremendously in my offer getting accepted. I highly recommend Lisa.

— Samson M., Purchased a House

“My husband and I have been casually looking on our own for the perfect property to call home for over a year now. The Bay Area’s market is very competitive and we knew we needed a realtor with the knowledge to make a competitive offer. When we started working with Lisa we knew she was the perfect person to turn our wish list into a reality. Lisa takes the time to know her clients and goes above and beyond to show you as many places as possible without hesitation. She was with us every step of the way. Lisa walked us through the entire process and promptly followed up with all parties to secure everything needed for closing. We could’t have done it without her!I can finally say that my husband and I are ecstatic that we now have a place to call home and grow as a family. So, if you are going to a few open houses here and there and need help taking the next step, I highly recommend Lisa Jamieson for all of your relator needs. You won’t be disappointed.”

— Camille Watkins - Bought Home In Albany, CA

“I’m so glad that I enlisted Lisa Jamieson’s help to list my condo. She had already closed several homes in my complex so I knew she had experience dealing with the ins and outs of an HOA. She also had clients who were looking to buy in my area. I closed in a month! Lisa was quick to respond to any of my questions. I highly recommend her and have already referred several other owners to her.”

— Iancheta - Sold Condo Home In Castro Valley, CA

“Lisa Jamieson is an outstanding, knowledgeable, bubbly, vivacious and overall absolutely wonderful Bay Area realtor. Her energy and personality make her very easy to work with. She also is extremely responsive and communicates very well and frequently. Today, I just purchased my very first home in Oakland, CA and I couldn’t have done it without her. Lisa is a fantastic professional who listened to my needs and then took the time to put properties in front of me that I’d love. She remained diligently in the search and found my dream home in just a matter of a few short weeks. Her resilience is uncanny. She’s also a proven problem-solver as well. I’d definitely recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home anywhere in the Bay Area - she’ll make it happen for you.”

— Daniel Ray Cook - Bought Condo In Oakland, CA

“I found Lisa by accident. I went to a showing that was canceled due to the property was in contract. I saw her sign, called her, and explained my situation to her. I was renting a condo for one year and the owner did not renew my lease due to he was selling the unit. 
Lisa offered her services and was there for me day and night. She is very knowledgeable of the local area. She sent me listings that she knew I was interested in and could afford. To be honest if it was not for Lisa I probably would have kept on renting. She negotiated me a very good deal.
I would recommend her service to anyone. If I am ever in the market to buy or sell property, I will be contacting Lisa.”

— Bought Home In San Leandro, CA



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